Encourage Relatives To DNA Test

by | Jul 29, 2023

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This is the third blog post in the Top Five Things To Do With Your Ancestry DNA series. No matter what your goals are, follow the posts in this series to get the biggest family-history bang for your DNA buck.

In Add Known DNA Matches to Your Tree, we talked about how genealogy is all about taking things that you know and building on top of them to figure out great new things about your family history.

When it comes to using DNA to help with your family history, a great rule of thumb is The More, the Merrier! Every time that you can confirm a DNA match being from a person in a branch of your family tree, it gets easier to figure out who the DNA matches are that you don’t know from that branch of your family tree.

So, if you’ve got a branch of your family tree that you’re trying to learn more about, the easiest way to research that branch is to encourage family members from that branch to do a DNA test. Every new DNA test done by someone from that branch makes it easier to figure out who all the others are!

Tips for Making Your Life Even Easier

Get all of your relatives to do their DNA test at the same testing company. This’ll make your research far easier than figuring out how to transfer or compare kits between testing companies.

Wait until the DNA kits from your preferred testing company go on sale. All of the big testing companies have sales several times a year, sometimes as much as 50% off. This’ll save you and your family a pretty penny when it comes to doing your DNA tests.

Good luck getting your family involved in helping build out your (and their) family history. Encouraging them to do a DNA test will pay off in big ways when it comes to growing your family tree.

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