Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson is the founder of Making Family History.


To help his clients uncover, understand, and connect with their family histories and mysteries.


Mark’s career journey includes higher education, high tech, and the corporate IT world.  These experiences developed and honed his technical, analytical, and communication skills.

His career path set the perfect stage for helping others make their best family history, particularly in today’s increasingly high-tech genealogy world.


Mark is passionate about staying up to date on the rapidly changing world of genealogy and using these changes to help his clients uncover, understand, and connect with their family mysteries and mysteries.

Mark is equally dedicated to helping family history enthusiasts stay up to date on the best of these changes, and show them how to use them in their own history-making efforts.

Rest and Relaxation

When he’s not helping others Mark can be found looking at the world through a camera lens, capturing moments that words alone can’t.

Occasionally, he finds time to work on his own family history.

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Please contact Mark to:

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