Use Y-DNA Testing To Help Solve your Genealogy Puzzle

Learn how Y-DNA tests can help you complete your family history jigsaw puzzle in ways no other DNA test can.

Are you curious about the secrets Y-DNA testing can reveal in your family history?

This workshop delves into the powerful role Y-DNA testing can play in your genealogy research, offering solutions to two key challenges. After a quick comparison between Y-DNA and the other types of DNA testing, you’ll learn the instrumental role that Y-DNA can play in helping you verify a paternal line. Next, you’ll discover how more advanced Y-DNA tests can be used to uncover deep ancestral connections and how you are related to distant family lines.

Whether you’re just starting, or already knee-deep in genetic genealogy, this session is designed for you. Even without prior Y-DNA testing experience, you’ll gain valuable insights into how this important tool can help you piece together a more complete picture of your family history.

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Use Y-DNA Testing To Help Solve your Genealogy Puzzle

A circular jigsaw puzzle of a family tree